Lost Worlds


Do you have a native application?

We don't feel there is a need to build a mobile application, for a number of reasons, including many that are restrictive to the crypto ecosystem. That said, if you would like to have the app experience on your phone, you can simply open the discover page of our website on your phone, and select add to home page/screen on your IOS or Android device. This will spin off the same look and feel of a mobile app via the browser.

How do we do prove your location/anti-spoof?

Verifying a user's locations whether on or off-chain comes with a variety of challenges that have stumped many projects before us. While we aim to be 100% Spoof Proof, it is important to note that we are a location-based experience platform. Our platform does not try to solve for on-chain proof-of-location.
The focus for Lost Worlds is to provide the best location minting experience for both our creators and users, experimenting with novel location based technologies to bring NFTs into the real world

Are you a secondary marketplace? Do you compete with OpenSea

We don't see ourselves competing with an OpenSea or any other secondary marketplace. geoNFTs are accessible and tradable on all other marketplaces. We are a primary marketplace. We also have a secondary marketplace, but it is designed to support and incentivize participants on our platform. So you will only see Lost Worlds geoNFTs on the lost worlds marketplace.