Lost Worlds

Get Started

Using the Lost Worlds Platform

Accessing Lost Worlds

Lost Worlds is a web application - no app download needed.
In less than a minute, whether you're familiar with crypto or not, you can begin collecting geoNFTs. To start, simply visit lostworlds.io on your mobile device and allow location access.
  • Minting geoNFTs are mobile only - you can still view, buy or sell already minted NFTs via the desktop version.
  • MetaMask users on Android devices - please use the native phone browser to connect your Metamask wallet via Wallet Connect, as location services are disabled on MetaMask browser

Explore Lost Worlds

Explore the app freely. When you are within the radius of a drop, you will be eligible to mint the geoNFT(s) at that drop. State, Country and Global drops do not show a radius. You can use the scrollable list to see what geoNFT drops you are currently in range for, including allowlisted or token gated drops.

Connect a Wallet

A wallet is what you use to purchase geoNFTs. You won't need to connect a wallet until you are ready to buy or mint one. We currently support MetaMask, Paper, and all wallets supported by WalletConnect.

Create a New Wallet (in less than 30 seconds)

If you do not have a wallet on your mobile device and/or you are new to web 3, we provide an email-based wallet solution that takes less than 30 seconds to create.
When prompted to connect your wallet, simply press "Continue With Email" and follow the instructions. You will be provided a link via email that will allow you to access a wallet that you completely control via your email. You can also use this wallet as your NFT only wallet.

Purchase NFTs with Card or Apple Pay via Paper Wallet

If you created, or signed in with a Paper wallet, you are given the additional option to purchase NFTs on your phone with credit card or Apple Pay. Simply follow the instructions provided at mint.

Purchasing LOST tokens

Some projects are "Mint in LOST" projects, meaning you will need to have the LOST token to mint them. You can purchase LOST tokens on the following exchanges: Pangolin (DEX)
Dexalot (DEX)
Trader Joe (DEX)

Earn Badges & Rewards via Quests

Complete in-app Quests to unlock LOST tokens and Badges.
Badges are non-tradable erc-721 tokens, which can be used to gain access to real world events, token gated drops, exclusive merch, online experiences, and more.

Custom Branding

Lost Worlds is a web3 app with a web2 feel. We're giving creators and collectors the tools they need to express themselves.
Using your wallet, you can easily upload custom branding for your Profile & Projects (coming soon), as well as verify your socials in-app.
We've also built social share features for Mints, Profiles, and Projects to promote awareness on other social networks.